Thursday, December 31, 2009


Wow, I cant believe I haven't updated my blog since July.....first off, alot has happened so I'm going to let the pictures do most of talking, I'm posting backwards from Dec back to July where I last posted!!!
Hope you all enjoy our blog!
Christmas with the Johnson's 2009

We had to put this little fence up to keep the new puppy away from the tree!

Santa had just left.........wont be long til the kiddos are up!!!!

Even the puppies got spoiled~~

Tay wanted items to go with her big wooden barn house!!!!

Tay loved this....look at Santa's milk cup very close....some of his beard is stuck to it!!!

See the little square light on the left side of this pic .....its Kylers laptop, woohooo, I can finally have mine back....Thanks Santa!!

Let the mess begin!!

We were all fascinated in the infamous Zhu Zhu pets!!!

In mid OCTOBER Barbara and Terry asked if I would do some family photos of we picked a few different places and took some great pics. Here are a few of what we got.

Tay and her puppies!

Here are some watch bands Ive been making and selling......there are so many out there for sale, but they all seem to look alike, So I try to make mine a little different, I add alot of bright colors, I also like to use smaller beads on some.....Ive noticed the big huge beads look funny on little girls or women with small wrist, so Ive switched them up a bit, I hope you like!!!!

Ive also been making little girls hair bows and head bands and selling them. If anyone is interested call me @ 979-6505


We got puppies, Gizmo had two cute puppies on Sept. 14th, one girl and one boy, they are so fun, there names are Shasta and Chase!!!

The 3rd grade Gooseberry trip!

I got a new camera so Jerika and Taylen are usually the ones I take on photo shoots to you can see they are not always willing participants!!!!

Last of the summer fun before fall arrives....the neighborhood kids love it when we put the slide up!!!!

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